Choose Your Words Carefully

Can you believe those media whores at the Seattle Times advertising “TRUTH” on their toilet paper…er, newspaper…dispensers? Maybe owner Frank (aka Crank) Blethen is a closet standup comedian. Who knows?

Welcome to the Seattle Politix blog. I don’t expect to do a lot of posting here. I discovered that putting information and ideas into well organized books is more productive than ranting on the Internet.

Nevertheless, blogs have their uses.

This first post is reserved primarily for comments on my book, SeaWA Politix, and other comments of a general nature.

This blog will be as heavily censored as the Seattle Times. I prefer intelligent discussions over ranting or the Seattle Times endless torrent of propaganda.

However, there is a place for accusations and profanity. Just don’t veer into libel.

For example, when I worked for the Seattle School District, I met teachers who claimed the late Seattle Schools pedophile attorney turned judge Gary Little operated a sex ring in the school district. Some also claimed Bill Gates’ father and/or Frank Blethen were a part of his sex ring. (Before he became an attorney, Little was a teacher at the exclusive Lakeside School for Boys, which was attended by St. Bill Gates.)

That would help explain why the Times was so devoted to protecting Little. Nevertheless, it’s still a little reckless to take these kinds of stories beyond the rumor stage.

So let’s just call it a rumor and be thankful that Judge Gary Little killed himself before he molested more young men and boys. It’s just too bad the Seattle Times is still screwing children.