You might think a man who calls himself Seattle’s only activist is as arrogant as Bill Gates. The strange thing is, in more than two decades of political activism, I don’t think I’ve ever met another activist.

As they say in cowboy country, it ain’t bragging if it’s true.

I may be the only activist in the nation who promotes Huawei’s awesome smartphones. Huawei is the Chinese company that pResident Donald Trump and the Jews declared war against.

I used a Huawei Mate 30 Pro to take photos for SeaWA Politix, and you’ll find a few of my photos in Jew Flu as well.

If a patriot’s duties include protecting his country from his government, then we should also protect our country from the corrupt corporations and special interests that control our government. In that spirit, I heartily encourage you to buy a Huawei smartphone.

It’s probably far more secure from surveillance than a Google phone and maybe even an iPhone, and the camera(s) rocks.

Check it out @ www.huawei.com/us.

At any rate, you can learn more about me on my website DavidBlomstrom.com. But the best way to learn about my beliefs and political ideals is to check out my books @ KPowBooks.com.

Frank Blethen
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